Power is Precious.

Power is an amazing thing. It entertains us, lights our homes, heats our meals and cools our drinks. It helps us do our laundry, mow our lawns and listen to our favourite songs. It gives us the ability to communicate across distances - to talk, text, tweet, and surf the Web from pretty much anywhere in the world. It’s an indispensable part of our daily lives, and it’s about time we gave it the proper recognition. Power is precious. Let’s be smart with it.

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Tell us why power is precious to you.

Without power, there would be no flashlights.


I unplug


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We’ve come a long way.


~ Homecraft, The Aladdin Company Catalog, Bay City, Michigan; 191?
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You will want electric lights in your house as they are just as much a necessity as modern plumbing. They are safe, clean and cheerful and will give you a pride in your home and the same distinction you feel in owning a good automobile.”

Without power, there would be no air conditioning. 


Power Pig Strip by Artemy Lebedev

This pig/power strip bastardization of science has 17 snout-lets and a built-in circuit breaker to protect it from overloading. Course, we dont use that type of outlet here in Merica, but I dig the Katamari Ball aesthetic.

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Without power, there would be no Apple products.



Without power, there would be no Matlock. 


Light It Up!

These cool lamps are made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s the best of both worlds!

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Lumigram L.E.D. Kimono

Without power, there would be no night lights. 

Electricity: no longer a mystery. 

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